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The Ear-drummers Guide to Arctic Monkeys – AM

OK, Cappuccino lovers the next recommended listening for you is Arctic Monkeys’ deliciously sensual, erotic, sweaty, 2013 offering, AM. As the title suggests, this album is for the ‘night owls’ among you, those who have their Cappuccino taste-buds satisfied at way beyond reasonable times, perhaps with something stronger, too. It’s night-time music, it’s primal, it’s […]

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The Ear-drummer’s Guide to David Bowie’s – Let’s Dance

  A brief introduction: The Ear-drummer is the newest recruit to the ‘Personal-a-Teas’ family and his role is to suggest some recommended listening for you, the ‘Personal-a-Teas’ Community. Working with the easel from the ‘Drink of the Moment’ canvas he will match the music to the ‘Personal-a-Teas’ and the ’Personal-a-Teas’ to the music. Let’s go […]

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The Cappuccino Movie of the Moment: Sing Street

Cappuccino drinkers tend to be are creative and sociable; positive optimistics. These traits are exuded by Conor Lawlor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), the lead-singer and instigator for the teenage ‘futurist’ band Sing Street, hailing from the distinguished south inner city secondary school: Synge Street. Set in mid-eighties Dublin, when the country itself was in the grip of […]

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