A Journey with Dublin Web Design

An Introduction:
My business journey with Dublin Web Design began almost two years ago, shortly after meeting Mr. Florin Boghian for coffee, after class. We were both participants in the Ignite Academy, a government initiative which focussed upon getting excellent business ideas from concept through to marketplace over a period of 23 weeks. The single biggest influence upon my entrepreneurial career and the development of my innovative business was meeting and working with Florin from Dublin Web Design. In a nutshell, I have the ideas and imagination.

Dublin Web Design makes them happen!

Je Suis Personality (JSP) focuses on bringing real and rewarding personalisation to people’s everyday lives. In our flagship project, Personal-a-Teas, we do this through the creation of the Personal-a-Teas Café Community. In this community, end-users and client café owners achieve incentives and rewards through the premise of ‘what their tea / coffee says about them!’

Confused? Don’t be!

Our customers tell us a little about themselves, through fun, light-hearted interactions and we’ll reward them, accordingly, at our client businesses.

Having spoken with Florin initially, he liked the concept, saw the potential in it, and agreed to start working for me, as my graphic and webdesign guru! The ‘gig-economy’ in full effect!

The following tasks have been carried out with excellence by Dublin Web Design, on behalf of JSP.

1. Website Design

Florin has created and maintained the JSP website, which is hosted on Dublin Web Design web servers.
Immediately, you will notice that the domain name is ‘different / unfamiliar’. You’re correct, it is. .xyz is a domain name extension used also by Google Alphabet. Not many people / businesses use this domain name extension. We do. Florin, like us wanted our website and domain name to be memorable to those who came across it. JSP’s ethos is to be creative and memorable in everything we do, and Dublin Web Design understands this! The choice of the .xyz domain name extension is one of many examples of how Dublin Web Design and JSP work on the same creative page.

Dublin Web Design have continued to optimise the JSP website with regularity, whilst working within the constraints of being associated with a bootstrapping entrepreneur.

2. Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator

As mentioned above, the core principle for JSP and Personal-a-Teas is to reward people for who they are, through the medium of their personality traits. Consequently, I wanted to insert a person’s (end-user’s) personality into their favourite hot beverage. Essentially, bring the Cappuccino, Latte, Earl Grey Tea to life!

Dublin Web Design enabled the realisation of this creative concept through the construction of the Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator. The JSP / Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator is certainly an ‘outside the box’, bespoke, custom-made software construct.

Within the web app system is an element of gamification, whereby the end-user can see if the Cappuccino, Latte, Loose Leaf Tea is truly the drink for them. You want to try? Give it a shot, here!

The Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator is an example of the ingenuity Dublin Web Design can also bring to your project.

3. eCommerce Channels

As part of the Personal-a-Teas business model, end-users have the option to purchase wonderful high quality personalised gifts, adorned with their own / loved one’s Personal-a-Teas selfie characters. Consequently, Dublin Web Design introduced two of the most secure and reliable eCommerce channels into the JSP website: PayPal and Stripe.

After some initial teething problems, the eCommerce channel now operates with confidence and without issue.

4. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another area where Dublin Web Designs have excelled. Florin has ensured that the Personal-a-Teas Selfie images are in the correct formats, symmetric and aligned perfectly within required ‘gifting’ product templates. He has also designed, iteratively (with Gavin) the JSP logo and optimised the Personal-a-Teas logo.

Graphic Design | Dublin Web Design

Graphic Design | Dublin Web Desig

Additionally, Florin has designed the required (and necessary) traditional marketing materials (e.g. flyers, loyalty cards, posters, brochures) for both JSP and Personal-a-Teas Café clients.

Graphic Design | Dublin Web DesigGraphic Design | Dublin Web Design

Graphic Design | Dublin Web DesigGraphic Design | Dublin Web Design

Graphic Design | Dublin Web DesigGraphic Design | Dublin Web Design

Graphic Design | Dublin Web DesigGraphic Design | Dublin Web Design

5. QR Codes

Everything JSP does is creative, innovative and boundary-pushing. Another example of how the creativity of JSP meets the realisation skills from Dublin Web Design was through the Personal-a-Teas logo, itself. The Personal-a-Teas logo is not an ordinary logo – there is an interactive QR Code embedded within the design which, when scanned can take the end-user to the JSP website immediately. Another QR code has also been created to take end-users / café visitors to the Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator on Café Community Posters and flyers.

QR Code | Dublin Web DesigGraphic Design | Dublin Web Design

The QR Code designed by Dublin Web Design is sexy, elegant and super-interactive. It functions within seconds and will take the smartphone end-user to the required online destination when the code is even scanned on curved porcelain surfaces and fabrics.

6. WordPress Stats Analysis

As part of the JSP website development and maintenance, Dublin Web Design has also provided the invaluable tool, WordPress Stats for analysis of the website. This tool is vital for any marketer as it provides insights into campaign measurability across social media platforms. Essentially, what works and what doesn’t.

7. Other Services provided

• Dublin Web Design will speedily establish your online presence through your dedicated website, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and SEO strategies.
• Florin is a keen photographer and has conducted photography sessions on behalf of JSP and Personal-a-Teas Café clients.
• Florin has an excellent customer service / satisfaction record. He has always been available to discuss and overcome any issues which have been placed in the development pathway.
• Florin will also give objective feedback on articles, blogs, blurbs, content a user may wish to have published upon their website. Generally, his feedback is spot-on.
• As our business relationship has developed, our networks have also converged for the betterment of both of our respective businesses.

In conclusion, Je Suis Personality has employed the services of Dublin Web Design for almost two years, now. Since attending the Ignite Academy, the JSP concept has seen the ca. 130,000 visits to the JSP website, the daily organic growth of social media presence, the sale of wonderful innovative personalised gifts and the expansion of members of the the Personal-a-Teas Café Community. It is fair to say, the Personal-a-Teas Café Community project would not be where it is today, without the efforts, intelligence and innovation of Florin and his team. I look forward to continuing to work with and build the innovative Café Community with Dublin Web Design as our main online collaborators.

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