When he was attending the government-led innovation program for excellent business ideas at the Ignite Academy in Dublin, one of the first mentoring sessions focused upon methods for ideas generation and then the honing of the ideas. One such method was the ‘Crash Method’. This basically involves taking two seemingly unrelated established products / services and crashing them together. You, the innovator must determine whether there is something ‘magical’ about your ‘crashed concept’. Of course, you must tell others and get their feedback.

So, creatives, no time to waste: ‘Get crashing’!

Below, you will find a link which will show you an inspirational example of how something crashed can take the world by storm. It is certain to ‘wet many whistles’ over the weekend and beyond.

Why not send us stories / images of your efforts at making your very own ‘Coffee in a Cone’ and we’ll post them up on the JSP website? Over to you!