Create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie

Does YOUR personality match YOUR PERSONAL-A-TEAS?

• Simply create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie using our web-app
• Add your name / nickname to the caricature
• Choose the traits of the ‘Drink of the Moment’ which best reflect your personality. (We’ll even give you a list to choose from, based on our research.)
• If your personality traits match the ‘Drink of the Moment’ PERSONAL-A-TEAS: BOOM! you win a personalised prize!
• Exhibit yourself through social media with your fun Personal-a-Tea Selfie!
• You can also create Personal-a-Tea Selfie to ‘wow!’ your loved ones. (This is truly magical!)
• Tell them how you see them – their personality. (The response you get will be priceless!)
• Having saved your Personal-a-Tea Selfie, you will be given a unique code that you can take to participating coffee shops – a real reward. Guaranteed.

Create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie


We do extensive research to find the most prominent personality traits of the customer before we pass it on to our expert illustrators, because we believe that you are what you drink.

There’s a bunch of cool items available there that can be customised with your Personal-a-Tea Selfie. Have fun and remember ‘we put the personality in personalised gifts’.

Create Personal-a-Tea Selfie