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Children are clumsy. Their bones grow at different rates causing them to become unbalanced, which is probably why my earliest memory of tea is spilling it down the front of my school uniform. Most people grow out of this clumsiness, but for me tea is still an active destroyer of shirts and that’s why adding milk is partially a safety precaution.

Okay, I confess, I’m not a cappuccino drinker, but I seem to share some personality traits with them. Just like a lot of cappuccino enthusiasts, I’m creative, energetic and loyal. Though I started drinking tea as a child, my first cappuccino was last year when I was working on my design for Calvin Cappuccino. Resembling an Instagram pro, I subjected the cappuccino to a mini photoshoot. If I was going to draw it, I wanted to experience it.
The cream hit my lips first and temporarily tricked my mind into thinking the drink below would be sweet, but seconds later illusions crumbled as the bitter taste of the coffee kicked in. Not my first coffee, but for some reason I’d expected cappuccino to have a taste all of its own. Surprised at how similar it was to a white coffee, I let it go cold before drinking it. An old habit retained from the days I used to drink the end of my dad’s coffee.

I had tried to make a cappuccino a couple of years before that, but when an uncontrollable tower of steam pumped out of the coffee machine I decided to stick with tea. At the time I was working in radio, which I loved and not just because they had a tap that gave out boiling water for quick tea production. I’m not going to lie, it did help.

Currently, I work as an illustrator and I’ve just about finished illustrating a children’s book about an overly imaginative little girl and her friends. It’s exciting to think that my art might one day be part of some child’s favourite book. These days a good part of my energy goes to illustration work, but I still write and do freelance radio work. What I really love about each of those is that they give me the opportunity to be creative in very different ways.

I have a Master’s degree in journalism, which I chose to do immediately after finishing the last two years of my degree in one year. Call it a love of learning, impatience or maybe both. It was a lot of hard work, but I finished because I never quit anything. That is unless you count scouts, karate, Saint John’s ambulance or horse riding.

Why don’t you see if your personality matches the cappuccino I designed? Even if you’re a tea drinker, like me, there might be just enough cappuccino in you to get it right. If you want to read more of my work, you can check me out at ForFilmSake.com.

Guest blogger: E-Tea