How to Make the Perfect Cappuccino

With barista machine: top tips

1. Use fresh coffee beans!
2. Cappuccino’s tend to be 5 – 6 oz in size
3. Espresso, steamed milk, foamed milk – equal sizes
4. Employ ice cold milk
5. During preparation, heat cup by filling up with boiling water
6. Use digital scales to ensure consistency from cup to cup
7. Clean porta-filter with dry, clean rag prior to use
8. Smooth, level and polish (compress) the grounded coffee in the portafilter
9. Key variables:
(i) Dose – amount of coffee / espresso
(ii) Yield – 20 grms. espresso in should equal 20 grms. out (tight extraction)
(iii) Timer – optimum extraction of espresso is coffee bean dependent. Optimum times tend to be 30 – 35 secs. Short extraction will promote sourness; prolonged extraction will promote bitterness
10. Steaming of milk: 5-6 seconds tops (avoid over-steaming the milk)
11. Start steaming at top surface of milk for 2 secs max. then drop steam wand nozzle into the body of the milk
12. In order to texturize the steamed milk, tap and swirl the milk. Side to side movement will centre the textured foam
13. Café art time! Have a go! (See Reference 8 below)

Ref 1: Michael Philips

Ref 2: Mike Jones, 3rd Rail Coffee

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Without barista machine (at home):

1. Pour milk into 6oz cup (just over 1/3 of volume of cup)
2. Transfer into small pot
3. Bring to the boil
4. Once boiled, pour into thermos flask. Close lid on flask
5. Shake the flask vigorously for 60 secs
6. Have heated, premade espresso ready inside cappuccino cup
7. Pour steamed and shaken milk into the espresso (rapidly)
8. Add sugar and chocolate sprinkles if required
9. Enjoy!
10. Let us know how you get on!

Ref 6: Standard!

Ref 7: Moroccan – just look at this!

Cappuccino Art:

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Maintenance of Equipment:

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