Inspiration Comes from the Unlikeliest Places

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places. Last weekend, there was the local majorette competition and two of my daughters, Sophie and Jessica were part of the competing: Team Liberties. One aged 9 the other aged 6, respectively. We, the Promoter’s Family, were also due to travel up to Dundalk for the mother of all parties, well the sister of all parties, actually – it was my sister in laws sister’s 30th birthday. For any of us unlucky enough to have crossed that particular transient milestone, it’s quite a momentous occasion. This Promoter certainly will not forget his 30th birthday celebrations, but that’s another story, entirely.

The two little ladies, as every parent will know, have their own individual personalities. Sophie, the elder is gregarious, out-going, sociable, secure in her surroundings, be they familiar or unexplored, she is inherently confident. (A future cappuccina drinker, for sure). Jessica, the younger and certainly more introverted, shy, reserved – especially in unfamiliar environments.

So, we had a fairly happening weekend.

For the uninitiated, majorette competition days are an event that organisers akin to Bob Geldof would feel ‘just about grandiose enough to put on’. They are an extravaganza. A full day of up-tempo mainstream melodies and radio-friendly beats accompany the little girls (with a sprinkling of little boys, too) doing their best to out manoeuvre each other with batons or pompoms in hand. Rumour has it, there is also a parental competition towards the end of the show, prior to the results proclamation.

Sophie, declared that she wished to stay with her cousins in Dundalk. The competition had been rescheduled, and Sophie had pencilled this date in her diary as sacrosanct. She can be stubborn when she wants. She also likes a good ‘hoolie’. Perhaps she will be a future Latte drinker? As her parent, The Promoter could see her heart lay within the fun and security of the family circle. And this was lovely to see. She stayed on occasion.

Jessica, the younger was determined to take-part in the competition. This was not a surprise. Remember, that Jess can be the shy-type and perhaps a little bit more unsteady in her self-confidence. Surprisingly, she was adamant that she would compete, without the presence of her older sibling! Even gentle persuasion from Mammy (there was a serious Paaaarrrrrttttaaae happening on Saturday Night, after all) couldn’t dissuade her. Jess had shown an atypical, surprising and uplifting side to her personality.

And so, on Saturday afternoon Mammy and Lil’ Jess returned to The Big Smoke. That evening, The Promoter got a call. It was Jess. Only she wasn’t able to talk. She was distraught. She was in pain. She was whaling, inconsolable. What was the matter? The answers returning were incomprehensible. Had she fallen, bumped herself? Perhaps, stubbed a toe (we all know how that feels, right?). No. She was missing her best friend. She was missing her Maverick. You see, she is generally Goose, and Sophie her ‘Top Gun’ partner. They are inseparable in everything they do. But not this time.
This time, she had taken a magnificent step. She had truly stepped out from the comfort zone. The constant companion, comforting blanket wasn’t there. She was feeling that cold breeze of being on her own path. She was suffering. Suffering for her dreams, her ambitions, her goals. She didn’t know it yet, (how could she, she is only six!) but she had taken that step, into the unknown, the darkness. Would she find the foot-bridge, or fall into the abyss below – confidence, shattered?

This suffering for her art has been inspirational. Jess has shown she is strong-willed (even more so than her parent, me, the father figure. This Promoter would never have left his family circle and travelled 80 miles or so, with Mammy admittedly), resolute, robust, steadfast. On this instance, she exhibits all the traits of a Loose Leaf Tea drinker.

She doesn’t know it, but she has inspired her Dad. This Promoter is following his entrepreneurial dreams in bringing ‘Personal-a-Teas’ to life. The path he is on is lonely. It’s cold. It’s harsh. It’s not for the faint-hearted. But there is a goal.

Jess has rekindled a spark in her Dad. He was seeking inspiration. Writers block had set in. His creative spark has been reignited again. It burns bright, rejuvenated with life-giving oxygen. This Promoter has seen the true meaning of following your dreams. Being inspired by others. From the unlikeliest source! Thank you, Jessica.

So, how did Jess get on at the competition?

Jess - Inspiration