Just like Dublin Bus…

…three come along at once!

Dublin Bus

He’s not referring to Irish weekend days with mood-altering precipitation (the feline and canine combined type!), Star Wars movies or bad news items. The Promoter is in fact referring to the number of customers who just came through the communal door at the hive of activity that is the Francis Street Collective as he composes this article. He is also referring to the number of articles (including this one!) which have recently been written about the bohemian, yet elegant café component of the collective, Two Pups Coffee.

Niall McArdle wrote about the collective in general, with each business represented in his piece for the Dublin Inquirer. Aoife McElwain provided additional layering when commenting on the delightful confectionaries (including homemade soup and pizza slices!) on offer at Two Pups through her ‘Meal Ticket’ piece in the Irish Times supplement. References to both articles are provided below.

As the Promoter writes, a lady has tried on (and continues to do so!) garment after garment from Kiki’s Booteeki – the preverbal child in a Mr. Simms Sweet Shop. It’s fun to be in such a relaxed and quirky environment!

Two Pups Coffee

However, in keeping with the passage of time, that third consecutive bus (same number and same route, of course) is a rarity nowadays, a phantom. Modern technology and logistical system optimisation have seen to its near extinction. The bus fleets move through their routes at a steadier, controlled and consistent pace. Similar to how a viable business should be built.

Two Pups Coffee proprietor Kevin Douglas and ‘trusty side-kick’ Zoe Ewing-Evans had a dream to create their own path and to march to the beat of their own drum. In keeping with their ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ Kevin and Zoe are more than willing to give others opportunity to develop or exhibit their creative spark. This is exemplified through their hosting of weekly musical sessions conducted with the members of the BIMM Academy, a neighbouring school of music based only doors away. This ‘session’ element is part of the fabric of Two Pups and has an increased focus since the expansion of the ‘tea rooms’. Take note creatives!

Kevin and Zoe have also afforded vital support for this Promoter to complete the customer journey of the fun, interactive and pioneering personalisation marketing campaign that is ‘Personal-a-Teas’. In return, the Promoter endeavours to increase footfall numbers through the door at Two Pups through rewarding and personalised engagements.

To be continued…

Entrepreneurs need to stick together, it’s a bloody tough world out there!

74 Francis Collective

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