Personal-a-Teas Promotions (Vol. 3)

Our Mission: To put a Smile on the Faces of our Café Citizens!
Our Vision: To build a rewarding Café Community based on recognition, positivity and personality

Over the coming weeks, we at Personal-a-Teas will outline some of the promotions we have conducted on behalf of our client cafes in a series of articles. This is the third instalment of a volume of four.
We are very proud of our promotional achievements to date and are already preparing to bring you even more ‘Personal-a-Teas Magic’ in 2018.

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9. Finding Rory
In 2003 we had Finding Nemo
Then we had Finding Dory
In 2016, Personal-a-Teas brought you: Finding Rory!

This particular promotion is the one Personal-a-Teas Promotion, above all, which really exhibits the power of Personal-a-Teas’ personalisation concept.

The Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator is a tool designed to provide ‘self-discovery’ type entertainment and to reward positive personality! Our unique web-app enables our end-users to create personality-based selfies not just for themselves, but for family, friends and colleagues, too.

Each selfie takes ca. 30 seconds to compose.

It doesn’t cost a cent to create a Personal-a-Teas Selfie.

Try it for yourself, here!


And, for even more magic: when used in conjunction with the online megaphone that is the Twitter, it can become a unique way to send positive vibes to your favourite celebrities!

We have sent selfies to many of our favourite celebrities, but, let’s be honest, even our fun, positive and unique Personal-a-Teas Selfies get lost in the ocean of virtual ‘best wishes’ being sent to ‘A-listers’ such as Adele, Madonna, YouTubers etc. However, when we sent our Personal-a-Teas Cappuccino Selfie to Rory Cowan, the reaction we received lit the spark, which inspired this fun engagement.

To quote Rory directly, he tweeted the following reply to us: ‘I don’t know what this is, but I like it!’ upon receipt of his Cappuccino Selfie! At the time, Rory’s profile picture was of him drinking from a ‘Gogglebox’ emblazoned mug…

Shortly after, ensued a mission to doodle up Rory’s very own Personal-a-Teas Selfie Gift and then to somehow get the gift to The Big Man, himself.

Our mission: To Find Rory Cowan!

We brought his Personal-a-Teas Selfie Gift everywhere we went. We asked people, ‘have you seen this man’? to some very bemused looks! Our search even took us to The Marble City of Kilkenny! All the while we were running this fun innovative promotion, we were mentioning Two Pups Coffee, our one and only client café at the time. Ideally, we would’ve liked to have met with Rory in Two Pups Coffee, but, who are we to suggest such a thing, when finally, the Big Man himself announced on Twitter that he would like to meet with me, to receive his gift!

Rory Cowan, was a true gent, in every sense of the word. He took the time to meet with me, to discuss my entrepreneurial idea, provide me with some creative avenues to consider and to have a laugh for over two hours. He is truly a ‘salt of the earth’ personality!

The Finding Rory Cowan Promotion provided an amazing example of the power of the Personalisation Concept that we, at Je Suis Personality had created. Essentially, we had used, Rory Cowan’s positive personality to be a beacon for a fun promotion which lasted approx. 4 weeks and sparked considerable interest in Twitter, and beyond. #selfiemagic

Engaged Café:
Two Pups Coffee


10. Dublin Web Design
Throughout the entrepreneurial journey of Je Suis Personality, The Personal-a-Teas Café Community and ‘the highs and lows’ associated with being a creative entrepreneur, Dublin Web Design have been there, every step of the way.

Dublin Web Design has provided IT Support, including website design, website maintenance, web hosting, and the eCommerce facility in the Personal-a-Teas Shop. They have also developed the coding foundation for the ‘unique’ and ‘proprietary’ Personal-a-Teas Selfie Generator.

Complimenting their excellence in IT skills and app-development, they have also exhibited fantastic capabilities in graphic design. They have been responsible for the graphics on such projects as our ‘Hi-Viz / Taxi Special Promotions, the collaboration between The Michan Spot Café and St. Michan’s Church, the current interactive and rewarding Personal-a-Teas flyers and the fun concept ‘Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted’.

Their extensive networks ensure that promotional flyers, business cards and other requested marketing materials are provided on-time and at very competitive prices.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dublin Web Design to bring your virtual (and traditional marketing) concepts to life!

As a valued member of the Personal-a-Teas Café Community, Dublin Web Design will offer a discount of 20% when mentioning the code JSP20.

Dublin Web Design

11. Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted

This fun concept was published last February, in the slipstream of a global success: the free to play, location-based augmented reality game; ‘Pokémon Go! I remember at the time thinking that Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted was, in fact, a boot-strapping, gunslinging version of ‘Pokémon Go! (without the augmented reality elements, of course!). In truth, the inspiration for Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted came from the success achieved the previous December with our ‘Finding Rory’ Campaign.

The Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted concept empowers the Personal-a-Teas Selfie Caricature created by one of our end-users to be the beacon for him/her to come to one (or all!) of our client cafes, to search for a hidden treasure (reward – in this case a Personal-a-Teas Gift Set).

We used all forms of signal (except smoke) to flush out our ‘Most Wanted’ character… and indeed, eventually, we found ‘Gav Duffy’s Latte’. Our quest concluded after a 4-week fun, creative search, all the while promoting both our Personal-a-Teas concept (obviously) and our client cafes.

Every interaction in this campaign was ‘tongue in cheek’ humour with a distinctive Wild West flavour.
Rumour has it, there’s another Personal-a-Teas Selfie Fugitive, running free.

Could you be Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted?

Engaged Café:
Two Pups Coffee


12. EA Symmons
EA Symmons has been collaborating with The Personal-a-Teas Café Community since 2016 when they supplied us with some wonderful Bobbles (Water Bottles) for the opening ceremony of the renovated Dublin City Gym @ Markiewicz.

During Q3 2017, discussions concluded, and a partnership put in place for The Personal-a-Teas Café Community to actively promote the EA Symmons business.

EA Symmons

So, what do EA Symmons do?

EA Symmons is the Irish Market leaders when it comes to everything Thermos, Water bottles, Keep-Cups and Travel Mugs. They are also purveyors of excellent kitchenware products. An incentive for cafes to join the Personal-a-Teas Café Community is that B2B members of Our Community will receive special discounts from EA Symmons on selected products.

We are delighted to work with EA Symmons because they are suppliers of excellent quality products and we only want to be associated with excellence. Anything less will not suffice.


Coming in Vol. 4 of Personal-a-Teas Promotions, we’ll describe how we are promoting the healthiest and most delicious porridge in Dublin at one of our client cafes, we’ll give you a sneak peek into our plans for 2018 (Personal-a-Treats) and describe the magic which can happen when one receives a Gift from Personal-a-Teas.

…to be continued!

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