Press Release: Boston Donuts Joins ‘The Personal-a-Teas Café Community’

It gives us great pleasure and excitement to announce that Boston Donuts have become the latest members of the Personal-a-Teas Café Community. Despite the name, Boston Donuts is an Irish owned company specialising in handcrafted, luxurious fresh donuts. The Boston Donuts range is designed for all taste-buds. It spans the full gamut of flavours, from the original to the contemporary, and everything in between!

Can you resist trying them all?

Boston Donuts - Personal-a-Teas

Like the Personal-a-Teas concept, the over-riding ethos of Boston Donuts is to brighten up people’s lives. We want to reward and treat our customers, in equal measure.

Additionally, as with Boston – the City – the Boston Donuts ethos is to be loyal to our customers, generous in our offerings and always a fun place to be! Boston Donuts is ‘Community Spirited’ which is why it will sit proudly and perfectly as a member of the Personal-a-Teas Café Community.

Over the coming weeks you, the customer, will see Personal-a-Teas place greater focus on the wonderful teas, coffees and of course, hot chocolate range, at Boston Donuts. After all, it is a café! There will also be a suite of wonderful promotional campaigns rolled out for you.

Personal-a-Tea selfie creators will be able to avail of dedicated treats upon exhibition of their Personal-a-Tea selfies to Boston Donut staff at Trinity Street and Baggott Street premises.

When you show your Personal-a-Tea Selfie at either of these Boston Donut premises, you will:

1. Avail of a ‘special’ donut treat when you purchase a tea / coffee / hot chocolate
2. Avail of a discounted tea / coffee / hot chocolate when you purchase a donut from the wonderful eclectic range.

On behalf of The Personal-a-Teas Café Community and Boston Donuts, we look forward to bringing you fun, interactive, personalised promotions and seeing you enjoying our wonderful offerings.