Promoting Your Café through Personality

A Journey to Increased Awareness, Footfall and Return Custom for YOUR Establishment

Promoting Your Café through Personality

Remember, how last October I gave my original interview with Mr. Padraic Marren on The Business Eye Radio-Show on Dublin South FM? Back then, the Personal-a-Teas Café Community was continuing to learn and gather insights, priming itself to stick it’s head above the parapet and announce its arrival to the wider world, and Dublin’s thriving Café Scene.

It was almost ready.

However, there was still a bit of learning to do.

Personal-a-Teas continued to evolve through its findings at its ‘in-field’ hub of research, Two Pups Coffee on Francis Street (you couldn’t find a better place to learn all about coffee, the struggles in building a coffee shop from the bottom up and how to succeed in the Dublin Café Industry!).

Have you been to Two Pups Coffee, yet? If you have you’ll understand exactly what I mean!

Notably, Personal-a-Teas contributed to an increase of ca. 145% in sales across the summer ’16 (from June to September).

Listen to the podcast: Gavin Copeland from Je Suis Personality @ BusinessEye

Over the course of time and consuming plenty of coffee and shoe-leather (literally!) the Personal-a-Teas offering has been honed into the dedicated three pillars of promotion:

  1. The Traditional: Getting out and about, learning about the locality of our client cafes. The eminent management guru, Tom Peters from the US, has a strategy: ‘Managing by Wandering Around’. Did you know the CEO of Starbucks visits at least one branch a week – observing, witnessing, learning?
  2. Well, other than provision of ‘par excellence’ traditional promotional paraphernalia, Personal-a-Teas ‘promotes your establishment by wandering around’! We observe, talk, gather insights, talk, encourage, talk, learn… it’s an old skill, it’s a vital skill and we excel at it!

  3. Social Media: We have our own presence on the ‘Big-Hitting’ platforms:
  4. Facebook: Je Suis Personality
    Twitter: @PersonalATeas
    Instagram: @jesuispersonality

    Our followers are organically grown. They know us and we know them!
    We place our client cafes front and centre on our website and at the time of writing, we are achieving an average of 120 new visitors to the JSP website every-day.

    We drive traffic to our website through creativity, fun and personalised content. Very rarely do we employ ‘paid advert campaigns’. They are faceless, almost spurious.

    We prefer real two-way communication.
    Personal communication.
    In fact, we love it!

    Here’s a snap-shot of our latest website stats:

    Promoting Your Café through Personality

  5. Personal-a-Tea Selfies:
  6. This is the element of our Café Community which sets us aside from all others – it’s what makes us different. Je Suis Personality is a reward facilitator based upon the premise of rewarding people through the medium of their personality. We want to reward the consumer (for WHO they are!) in our client business establishments.

The future for marketing is personalisation – speaking to consumers on a one to one basis. We do this in fun, light-hearted campaigns and we get to know a little about our end-users. Our Personal-a-Teas selfies enable our end-users to discover if their personality matches a Cappuccino, Latte, Loose Leaf Tea, Earl Grey etc. They can also win prizes and guaranteed treats at our client cafes, upon exhibition of their Personal-a-Tea Selfies!

Instant Rewards!

Through creativity, novelty and emotion we’re bringing personalised magic to the Dublin Café Space!
Presently, we have four client cafes onboard:
1. Two Pups Coffee, Francis Street, Dublin 8
2. Café Du Jour, Cork Street, Dublin 8
3. McCabe’s Deli, Townsend Street, Dublin 2
4. Accents, Coffee and Tea Lounge, Dublin 2

So, if you find your establishment could do with:
• Increased Local Awareness
• Increased Footfall
• Increased Return-Custom
• Increased Revenues

Then, please get in touch with us. We’d be delighted to speak with you!