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Press Release: Boston Donuts Joins ‘The Personal-a-Teas Café Community’

It gives us great pleasure and excitement to announce that Boston Donuts have become the latest members of the Personal-a-Teas Café Community. Despite the name, Boston Donuts is an Irish owned company specialising in handcrafted, luxurious fresh donuts. The Boston Donuts range is designed for all taste-buds. It spans the full gamut of flavours, from […]

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The Personal-a-Teas Magic

What a year at Personal-a-Teas! ‘So, Kate, how do you like your tea / coffee?’ Nothing wrong with the question, except Kate, being our family friend visits our humble abode at least twice a month, perhaps more. How embarrassing being exposed as a hosting goldfish again and again. This pain-point, was the seed from which […]

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Coffee and Shoe-leather

‘Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out’ ~ Iris Murdoch ‘Coffee and Shoe-leather’. What a phrase! It’s a phrase that unfortunately, the Promoter cannot take copyright nor ownership of! It was mentioned during conversation with another peer. It resonated between us, oscillating through the cosiness of Two Pups Coffee. It […]

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Here Comes the Lattes!

Who’s that coming through the door, His smile bright, a gust of light, Happiness and calm Today is ours, tomorrow – his It’s Mr. Latte Desire, Ambition, the Flames of Tizz Shortly after, here comes another A sister perhaps, significant other? Bushy-tailed, a hint of mischievous Bellows of laughter, certainly nothing grievous Little Miss Latte, […]

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The History of the Cappuccino

The Cappuccino is a coffee beverage, originating from Italy. It consists of a shot of espresso, hot milk and some foamed milk on top. The name Cappuccino comes from the Italian term ‘cappuccio’ which means ‘hood’. The brown colour associated with the Cappuccino is reminiscent of the brown coloured robes (with hoods) worn by the […]

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