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Francis Street

Personal-a-Teas’ Most Wanted

‘Afternoon’ y’all! Bin wantin’ to let y’all know that there’s a new sherriff in town, goin’ by th’ name: ‘Personal-a-Teas’. He’s lookin’ for some able d’puties to help him on his quest: to find, capture and bring these Most Wanted ‘Teas’ers’ to our client cafes. You see, some of these young fellas and galls, they […]

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Ready for REAL Personalisation?

We, at Je Suis Personality, are delighted to announce from next week, our latest realisation of fun personalisation will officially be published. We’re not going to tell you what will be happening just yet, safe to say we will need your full attention and participation! (After all, only with team-work (and community spirit!) can bring […]

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Discover Dublin: A Hive of Creative Activity, Right under our Noses!

Please have a read of this wonderful article from Niall McArdle: On Francis Street, a Collective Offers a Little Bit of Everything Don’t forget to create your ‘Personal-a-Teas’ avatar, and redeem your promotional code at Two Pups Coffee. See you all there!

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