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Create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie

Does YOUR personality match YOUR PERSONAL-A-TEAS? • Simply create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie using our web-app • Add your name / nickname to the caricature • Choose the traits of the ‘Drink of the Moment’ which best reflect your personality. (We’ll even give you a list to choose from, based on our research.) • If your […]

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Join the Personal-a-Teas Café Community!

The Personal-a-Teas program is a fun, innovative and dedicated marketing program for cafés. The remit: to build a loyal clientele for the client café and to ensure increased footfall through the door of the café. For an already thriving café, we ensure your clientele avail of fun promotions and treats, facilitating unique and dedicated branding […]

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The Vision of Emotion

Not so long ago, the Promoter was advised ‘to bury’ the Je Suis Personality (JSP) Vision and Mission statements within the deeper recesses of the website. ‘Who actually reads the company vision and mission statements, anyhow?’ In this era of skimming rather than reading, of images rather than wording, the Promoter could certainly see the […]

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