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Latte drinker

Here Comes the Lattes!

Who’s that coming through the door, His smile bright, a gust of light, Happiness and calm Today is ours, tomorrow – his It’s Mr. Latte Desire, Ambition, the Flames of Tizz Shortly after, here comes another A sister perhaps, significant other? Bushy-tailed, a hint of mischievous Bellows of laughter, certainly nothing grievous Little Miss Latte, […]

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Inspiration Comes from the Unlikeliest Places

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places. Last weekend, there was the local majorette competition and two of my daughters, Sophie and Jessica were part of the competing: Team Liberties. One aged 9 the other aged 6, respectively. We, the Promoter’s Family, were also due to travel up to Dundalk for the mother of all parties, […]

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