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Je Suis




Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 1

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. A tour of Dublin with Ralph Smyth And so we met at Two Pups Coffee, the pokey, cosy café on Lower Francis Street. Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, entered the doorway clad in black with a navy scarf and dark gloves. The weather had turned, temperature […]

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Kangoo jumps class – Kangaroodoo People

My first Kangoo jumps class (One giant leap for Personal-a-Teas) The Time: 00:01 GMT The Date: 01.01.95 Location: The Point Depot, Dublin The Gig: The Prodigy It was the New Year’s Party at the Point. The balloons came down from above, amongst the face-masks, glow-sticks and whistles. The smell of Vics emanating through the air. […]

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The Personal-a-Teas of Leon

Kings of Leon get the Personal-a-Teas treatment The true test of the longevity of a rock band is not based in materialism, chart-topping commercial hits nor inundating the radio-waves with mainstream blandness. For these reasons, many a ‘pop’ band will cease to exist, once past their ‘use by date’. Don’t forget, the customary opportunity for […]

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The Magic of Hongoram!

It was this time last year, only much darker and certainly colder. The Promoter was deep within ‘The Forest of Innovation’, where wood and trees look too alike to decipher, developing the pioneering and fun Personal-a-Teas concept. There was so much to learn! Countless ‘balls were being juggled through the air’. He had gathered a […]

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Designated: Personal-a-Teas

So, Dear Reader, how do you satisfy your entertainment urges having completed the excellent Narcos -Season 2? The options to the viewer seem endless nowadays, and yet so few. Decisions, decisions… A good place to start my friend, is originality. ‘Have you seen it before? Do you want something new, creative, different? A new take […]

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Join the Personal-a-Teas Café Community!

The Personal-a-Teas program is a fun, innovative and dedicated marketing program for cafés. The remit: to build a loyal clientele for the client café and to ensure increased footfall through the door of the café. For an already thriving café, we ensure your clientele avail of fun promotions and treats, facilitating unique and dedicated branding […]

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Personality Matters

Dear Reader, ever notice how a number of seemingly unrelated events tend to occur in rapid succession, thus creating the perfect storm of coincidence? ‘Bet you have!’ Something akin to this happened to the Promoter recently, thus providing the inspiration for this article. After a long day promoting the Personal-a-Teas concept to eagerly listening café […]

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Grumpy Old Man

‘The greatness of art is not to find what is common, but what is unique.’ ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer ‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’ ~ Scott Adams ‘The best artists know what to leave out.’ ~ Charles de Lint The inspiration for the Hongoram Latte caricature […]

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The Vision of Emotion

Not so long ago, the Promoter was advised ‘to bury’ the Je Suis Personality (JSP) Vision and Mission statements within the deeper recesses of the website. ‘Who actually reads the company vision and mission statements, anyhow?’ In this era of skimming rather than reading, of images rather than wording, the Promoter could certainly see the […]

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The (Dis)Honest Olympics are Coming

The Olympics for 2016 are due to start next Friday (05.08.16) in Rio, Brazil. Already, the Games are clouded in controversy with stories of incomplete athlete’s residences, poor sanitation and the dreaded Zika virus. There was also the small mention of the impending disqualification / ban of the whole Russian Olympic Team as a result […]

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