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Personalisation Marketing

Ready for REAL Personalisation?

We, at Je Suis Personality, are delighted to announce from next week, our latest realisation of fun personalisation will officially be published. We’re not going to tell you what will be happening just yet, safe to say we will need your full attention and participation! (After all, only with team-work (and community spirit!) can bring […]

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Join the Personal-a-Teas Café Community!

The Personal-a-Teas program is a fun, innovative and dedicated marketing program for cafés. The remit: to build a loyal clientele for the client café and to ensure increased footfall through the door of the café. For an already thriving café, we ensure your clientele avail of fun promotions and treats, facilitating unique and dedicated branding […]

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Got Noticed? Let your ‘personality’ be your beacon

Where does creativity come from? This Promoter is unsure. Somewhere in the recesses of the mind, the imagination. It can be dormant, but it’s there – ready, piqued, spontaneous. Awaiting a spark, a sound, a sense, a memory, a connection. A release. What’s the worth of creativity? Creativity is evolution, progress, mutation, revolution, change. This […]

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What is Personalisation Marketing?

Personalisation marketing is the latest trend in digital marketing. It involves the ability to specifically, precisely and with relevance target consumers with promotional traffic in order to increase the likelihood of conversions. Sounds scary? It’s not! Picture yourself in a crowded marketplace amongst a lot of hustle, bustle and haggle. How the hell are you […]

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