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The Rise of Community Spirit

This article is an observational piece. Make of it what you will. Over the last 12 months, perhaps a little more, we have seen four elections, ranging in stature from having national, regional and global importance. Referendums from the UK, the USA, here and back to the UK, all conjuring up results which were deemed […]

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Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 2

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. It may be 3 weeks now, since undertaking the tour of Dublin’s horrid history with Pipe-smoke (Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, Walking Tour of Viking and Medieval Dublin), and yet the memories from the second half of that tour remain as vivid and sharp, as if […]

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Chance Your Arm (on this ‘Reverential’ Tour)!

Here lies the body of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Divinity and Dean of this Cathedral, Where savage indignation can no longer lacerate his heart; Go traveller and imitate if you can, this dedicated and earnest champion of liberty ~ Jonathan Swift   St. Patrick’s Cathedral sits right in the heart of Dublin’s South Inner City. […]

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