Press Release: The Viking Invasion of The Personal-a-Teas Café Community

Unlike our native Dublin ancestors from the pre-medieval days, the Personal-a-Teas Café Community is only too delighted to welcome this particular ‘Viking Invasion’ with open arms!

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that our fun, creative and community-driven endeavour is teaming up with one of the most innovative touristic experiences to be found anywhere across Europe. The Viking Splash Tours is a shining example of what can be achieved with ingenuity and a willingness to succeed. We, at Personal-a-Teas, hold the Viking Splash Tour in very high esteem, indeed. In Personal-a-Teas parlance they exhibit both the ‘Coffee and Shoe-leather’ in copious amounts!

The Viking Splash Tours has seen customer growth, year on year since its inception, hosting ca. 115,000 guests last year. It has a reach of 24K on Facebook and over 4000 visitors to its website per week (100 visitors to it’s ‘special offer’ page per week, too!).

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Dubliner who is not familiar with the unique, bright yellow, amphibious vehicles motoring frequently through the city streets, nor a native who has not been ‘caught unawares’ by the roar of the Viking Passengers, playing their part in this interactive, fun-filled historical tour. History told, as it should be: with humour, guest-participation and enlightenment!

The Personal-a-Teas Café Community is a fun-filled rewarding endeavour, with the mission to put a smile on people’s faces, to brighten up their days and to accentuate both personal and community development. We connect people. We connect businesses. We reward people. And we reward local businesses, too.

The Viking Splash Tour shares the same core values. We are truly a match made in Valhalla!

Together, we will promote each-other through our extensive networks, also combining our creative capacity to bring our customers some of the most innovative, entertaining and personalised promotions Dublin City has seen.

So, we ask you to don your horned helmets, lift your swords and shields and get ready to roar as we take Dublin by storm.

The Personal-a-Teas Vikings are coming!

Ref: Coffee and Shoe-leather

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Gavin Copeland
Creative Director
Je Suis Personality
Ph: 086 379 4173
[email protected]