Baking Mode Partners with ‘The Personal-a-Teas Café Community’

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We are delighted to announce that Baking Mode is the latest business to become an official partner of The Personal-a-Teas Café Community. And this partnership is special.

I first met Anna ‘The Busy Baker’ Biel, when we both attended a ‘Start Your Own Business’ Course in January 2015. It was clear to see, even in those early days, that Anna had a strong determination to succeed with her fledgeling business. I think she saw a similar determination in me with my personalisation concept. It is a testament to our respective motivations, passion and skillsets that our businesses continue to grow after almost 3 years.

Anna first provided cupcakes for my daughter’s Holy Communion, back in May 2015. Since then, Baking Mode has provided the showpiece cake at our family’s birthday occasions, religious celebrations, gatherings: you name ‘the occasion – Baking Mode’s cakes have been present!!!! Without hesitation, we consistently recommend Anna’s cakes to our friends and extended family.

Baking Mode has been established in Clare Hall, Dublin. This is where the magic, (and I do mean ‘magic’), happens! You see, when it comes to a baking artisan, customised cakes (of all shapes and sizes), there is simply no one better. Anna is exceptional in her abilities to bring YOUR confectionary imagination to life. Baking Mode’s cakes will bring a true ‘wow!’ factor to any occasion you need the centrepiece cake to do so.

We are therefore delighted to be afforded the opportunity to introduce Anna ‘The Busy Baker’ and Baking Mode to an even bigger audience. We will continue to promote Baking Mode and establish fun, innovative treats and rewards with Anna as our partnership evolves.

To receive Special Offers from Baking Mode, mention the codeword: ‘Personal-a-Teas!’ when you place your order.

Cake Category ‘Personal-a-Teas!’ Special Offer
A Up to 50 Euro Small-Size box of Artisan Cupcakes (4pcs)
B 50 – 120 Euro Choice: 10% discount off or Medium-Size box of Artisan Cupcakes (6pcs)
C Over 120 Euro Choice: 10% discount off or Large-Size box of Artisan Cupcakes (12pcs)


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