Guerin Media Ltd. partners with ‘The Personal-a-Teas Café Community’

Guerin Media - Je Suis PersonailtyGuerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

Ain’t it funny how Je Suis Personality, the pioneering personalisation marketing business is building The Personal-a-Teas Café Community?
A community based on (individual) rewards and promotion. A community based on personalisation.
Quite a paradox!
Not so!
Our core mission is to ‘put smiles on people’s faces’ and we do this on a personalised basis, through our unique, fun, entertaining personalisation platforms. This serves to enhance the experience for our End-Users!
Which is why we are market-leaders in the personalisation marketing field.

It gives us great pleasure to announce our latest partnership!

(We’re joining forces with another Community!)

We are delighted to start working together with Guerin Media Ltd. ( on bringing promotions and engagement to an ever-expanding cohort of people: The Over 55’s.

Here are the Facts
• According to the CSO1 – there is an excess of 750k residents in Ireland > 55 years old
• Year on year since 2011, the population of the > 55 years through to > 85 years demographic has increased.
• Since 2011, there was approximately 20% increase in the > 65 years old (retirees) population.

Guerin Media Ltd, are market-leaders when it comes to designing and implementing initiatives dedicated to the ‘Over 55s’ cohort. These initiatives include: – A ‘Community-spirited’ scheme where like-minded businesses have joined together for the mutual benefit of the Over 55s consumers, nationwide.
The Trade and Tourism Show – the leading show dedicated towards the Over 55s and people in early retirement. (Life begins at 55, after all!)
The Inaugural Nursing Homes and Elder Care Show, 2018 – ‘The Ploughing Championships’ for the Elder Care Sector!

1. SeniorsCard (
The Seniors Card Initiative is identical to the Personal-a-Teas (Selfie) Concept. They are both B2B and B2C promotional / reward tools, respectively. In both End-Users / consumers are encouraged to go to our member businesses, (as opposed to elsewhere!) through the incentive that they will receive dedicated discounts at these client businesses.
SeniorsCard (B2C) End-Users apply for ‘free membership’ and receive a card upon completing a routine application form.
The (Over 55s) recipient will then be able to use this SeniorsCard to avail of discounts in SeniorsCard engaged businesses.

Reasons to Engage:
Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty
• The Over55s Cohort continues to grow, yearly
• There are 50k SeniorsCard End-users members, nationwide
• There are > 600 Businesses signed up to the SeniorsCard Initiative, already
• Your business will receive a SeniorsCard Web-listing
• All End-Users receive a weekly email newsletter
• Posted printed (updated) SeniorsCard Business listing (6 Times a Year)
• Option to send promotional texts to members*
*will incur additional B2B membership cost
• Social Media Exposure through Facebook and Twitter Platforms

B2B Costs:
• Businesses: Annual 350 Euro (excl. VAT)
• B2C End-User Membership: FREE!

2. Trade and Tourism Show (in conjunction with Active Retirement Ireland)

RDS, Dublin; 11th May 2018
This is the largest one-day extravaganza for the Over 55s.

Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

‘It’s Time to Start Living!’

As determined from CSO figures, this demographic of people continues to expand, year on year. People are living longer, and they are also living stronger.
This expo is designed to show people that life can truly start at 55! We are looking for businesses who wish to promote their products and services to this ‘excitement-yearning’ cohort!

We are looking for excitement-providers operating within the following sectors:
Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

• Fashion
• Health and Wellbeing
• Holiday and Travel
• Information and IT*
*(Think Silver Surfers!)
• Overseas Property
• Workshops and Demos

So, if you believe that your business can contribute to ensuring this special cohort of people can enjoy their early retirement to the full, then we would love to hear from you!

There are still a limited number of exhibition stands available.

Exhibition Package #1:
• Size: 2m x 2m
• Includes: spotlight, power socket, company sign
• Cost: 995 Euro + VAT

Exhibition Package #2:
• Size: 3m x 2m
• Includes: spotlight, power socket, company sign
• Cost: 1495 Euro + VAT

Businesses who exhibited last year include:
Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty
• Dublin Bus
• Forever Living
• Armagh City Hotel
• Brian McEniff Hotels
• Clayton Hotels
• Radisson Blue Hotels (Sligo etc.)
• Croke Park
• Gleneagle Hotel
• Waterways Ireland
• RSA Ireland
• Barnardos
• Electric Ireland
• Ideal Homes Ireland

3. Nursing Home and Elder Care Show

RDS, Dublin; 1st June 2018

Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

‘Recognition through Celebration’!

Guerin Media Ltd. is bringing Ireland’s First Nursing Homes and Eldercare Show to the RDS.
This will be a ‘Free to attend’ Event dedicated to providing solutions and networking opportunities to support those connected to or responsible for the care of our elderly.

We aim to make this event a celebration akin to The Ploughing Championships, but for the Nursing, Caring and Respite Sectors of Our Carer-Community. We are delighted to announce that the Minister of State with Responsibility for Mental Health and Care of the Elderly, Mr Jim Daly TD, will officially open the event.

We want to hear from you!

If you have an interest in any of the following, then make sure you register your interest today!
Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty
• Home Care Options
• Nursing Home Options
• Older People Services
• Financial Entitlements /Benefits
• Community Services
• Tips for Healthy Lifestyle
• Fair Deal Scheme Explained
• Health Insurance
• Legal Services
• Vacancies/Recruitment Options
• Food and Beverage Services
• Respite Opportunities for Carers
• Deliveries
• Patient Transportation

Why Exhibit?

This is a massive opportunity to:
meet with Nursing Homeowners
meet Home Care providers
see latest equipment and technologies
match skilled personnel with vacancies
listen and meet with experts
connect with new supply chain partners
explore new opportunities/revenue streams for your business
exhibit your business to the General Public (expected in great numbers!)
be a part of a ground-breaking expo

Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

Exhibition Package #1:
• Size: 2m x 2m
• Includes: spotlight, power socket, company sign
• Cost: 995 Euro + VAT

Exhibition Package #2:
• Size: 3m x 2m
• Includes: spotlight, power socket, company sign
• Cost: 1495 Euro + VAT

Exhibition Package #3:
• Size: 4m x 2m
• Includes: spotlight, power socket, company sign
• Cost: 1895 Euro + VAT

Guerin Media - Je Suis Personailty

If you would like to register for any of the Initiatives above:
Email: [email protected]
Call: 0863794173
And we’ll get your request organised!

Guerin Media Ltd. – Creative Print Solutions and Event Management

• ‘We organise and deliver the largest one-day event for over 50’s in Ireland, annually, at The Active Retirement Ireland Trade and Tourism Show in RDS, Dublin every May. This has become Ireland’s largest ‘free to attend’ one-day Seniors Event.
• We continue to work with Nursing Homes Ireland for 10 years designing and delivering their dedicated Members Annual.
• We are also proud to say that we have worked with the National Ploughing Championships for almost 15 years helping them create the perfect print and design service for their near half million visitors.
• We have an extensive Event Management Network at our fingertips.
• Guerin Media is a Kildare based Design and Publishing Agency providing creative solutions for your print, publishing, branding, web and advertising needs, dedicated and working smart since 1999. We can turn your brand into a powerful asset, increase sales and raise your company profile’. ~ Gerry Guerin