Personal-A-Teas Promotions (Vol. 2)

Our Mission: To put a Smile on the Faces of our Café Citizens!
Our Vision: To build a rewarding Café Community based upon recognition, positivity and personality.

Over the coming weeks we at Personal-a-Teas will outline some of the promotions we have conducted on behalf of our client cafes in a series of articles. This is the second volume of four. To say we were pleasantly surprised at the scope of the creative and fun promotions that we have implemented over the past two years would be an understatement.

We are very proud of our promotional achievements to date and are already preparing for even more ‘Personal-a-Teas Magic’ in 2018 with gusto.

Boston Donuts McCabes Deli Two Pups Coffee The Michan Spot


5. Passport for Leisure – Supporting our ‘over 55’s’!

Passport for Leisure Passport for Leisure

We are particularly proud of this collaboration that we have established between McCabes Deli on Tara / Townsend Street and the Dublin City Council Gym, at The Markievicz Centre.
This promotion ensures that the Passport for Leisure gym members (‘over 55’s’) will avail of dedicated special discounts off healthy-foods at the café (not the ‘Full Irish’!!!), after they have finished their daily programs at the gym.

Their classes include aqua-aerobics, spin classes, yoga etc.

Again, this collaboration, established between local businesses by Personal-a-Teas illustrates how we actively support our local communities with vigour and integrity. #somuchmore

For more information about the Passport for Leisure Program please visit:

Engaged Café:
McCabes Deli


6. Merchant’s Quay Ireland Staff – ‘Helping the helpers’

Merchant’s Quay Ireland Staff


Another example of how the Personal-a-Teas Café Community is #somuchmore than ‘nifty apps’, loyalty programs, ‘food – porn / latte art’ or any other promotional tools.

We are building a community who recognises the selfless, hard-working people of Dublin (remember the ‘Hi-Vizzers’ and the Taxi Drivers’ who keep our city safety-conscious and moving, respectively?). It is our aim to show appreciation for the early-workers, the all-night shift workers, the street-cleaners, the volunteers, the helpers; ‘The Understated Heroes of Dublin’.
Another such hero-cohort (!) are the staff of Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI). MQI are a charity, headquartered on the banks of the River Liffey. They offer the following supports to Dublin’s most vulnerable people:


Homeless Services
Drug and Alcohol Services
Rehab and Detox
Day Programmes

MQI Homeless Services

MQI is one of the largest non-profit drug service provider in Ireland, well established and with a proven track record in providing residential drug and alcohol treatment. Ireland’s homelessness crisis, which is interwoven with a serious substance abuse problem, shows no signs of abating and has consistently worsened year on year. We, at Personal-a-Teas see this first hand, as we are (literally) the ‘boots on the ground’ continuously walking, talking and promoting our way across Dublin’s ‘Fair’ City.

It seems, there is not a street in Dublin’s City Centre that does not have its very own ‘resident in a sleeping bag’.

MQI Charity

Jason and Josh from The Michan Spot Café, St. Michan’s Street were only too happy to engage with our suggestion to reward the volunteers and staff from the MQI Offices. They share the same Community-Spirit as we do in the Personal-a-Teas Café Community. Together we make things better for our local communities.


For more information about MQI:

Engaged Café:
The Michan Spot


7. The Viking Splash Tour

The Viking Splash Tour The Viking Splash Tour Viking Splash Tour


Last July, we were delighted to announce our partnership with Dublin’s Viking Splash Tour.

The Viking Splash Tour is the most fun, innovative and engaging tour of Dublin City. For adults, the tour narrative is both historic and contemporary, delivered with culture, humour and enlightenment. The tour also allows you to clear your throat (in a very unconventional manner!). Our Viking tour-guide actively encourages strategic heckling (of the roaring sort!) of unsuspecting ‘celts’ as they go about their daily business. For the kiddies, the ‘splash’ part of the tour (don’t worry, you don’t get wet – unless it rains, of course!) provided the most excitement.

You may read our fun review of the tour here:
When Personal-a-Teas met The Viking Splash Tour

The Viking Splash Tour is also the embodiment of commercial success through ‘outside the box thinking’ and is an inspirational blueprint for our own creative and pioneering promotional concept in personalisation.

Through our collaboration with the Viking Splash Tour, visitors of the tour will avail of 10% discounts from menu items at our Personal-a-Teas Cafes upon exhibition of their Viking Splash tickets. We look forward to working closely with the Vikings on bringing you even more personalised surprises and rewards through the Personal-a-Teas Selfie Magic in the future.

It will truly be a match made in Valhalla!

Engaged Cafés:

Boston Donuts McCabes Deli Two Pups Coffee The Michan Spot


8. Tour of St. Michan’s Church and Crypts

St. Michan’s Church St. Michan’s Church

We love learning about our wonderful city, Dublin. If the Viking Splash Tour (above) is an example of the most innovative tour of Dublin, then the Tour of St. Michan’s Church and Crypts is one of the most ‘hidden’, understated, and enthralling.

Our bringing together of The Michan Spot Café with the patrons and staff of this ‘spine-tingling’ tour is another example of how The Personal-a-Teas Café Community continues to connect local businesses together, for the mutual benefit of everyone!

Visitors of the tour can avail of special discounts at The Michan Spot café, upon exhibiting their tour tickets. In a reciprocal manner, Jason and Josh from the cafe will promote the tour to their regular customers – the café customers will avail of a discount from their tour tickets when they show their receipts from the café.

That’s how ‘Community-Spirit’ works!

Here’s our review of the tour! The Irish Mammy and The Irish Mummies

Engaged Cafes:
The Michan Spot

Coming in Vol. 3 of Personal-a-Teas Promotions, we’ll describe how our unique selfie element is bringing fun personalisation to Dublin’s Café Space. We’ll show you how our Personal-a-Teas Selfies can be used to facilitate meetings with celebrities (Finding Rory!) and to incentivise our selfie community members to visit our Personal-a-Teas Cafes. We’ll also provide a detailed overview of the products and services provided by two of our partners, EA Symmons and Dublin Web Design.

…to be continued!

Create your Personal-a-Teas Selfies here: Create your Personal-a-Teas Selfie

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