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The Personal-a-Teas program is a fun, innovative and dedicated marketing program for cafés. The remit: to build a loyal clientele for the client café and to ensure increased footfall through the door of the café. For an already thriving café, we ensure your clientele avail of fun promotions and treats, facilitating unique and dedicated branding (for you!), thus keeping you ahead of other competitors in the market.

‘Personal-a-Teas’ involves traditional marketing techniques such as:

  • • ‘Pressing the flesh’ (increasing local awareness)
  • • Distribution of promotional materials
  • • Social media exposure (digital marketing)

We take away the ‘promotional-pains’ from the proprietor. Allowing him / her to focus on the real job at hand – selling excellent tea / coffee!

But wait, there’s so much more!

Personal-a-Teas is pioneering! It embraces the onset of personalisation marketing. We speak to the consumer on an individual basis. We tailor promotions, fun challenges and rewards to the consumer on a personal level. We enable the consumer to tell us a little about themselves, in a fun manner, and then encourage them to return back to the client café on a regular basis. Our unique and pioneering program ensure both the consumer and the café proprietor are rewarded!

It’s a win-win situation!

Membership of the ‘Personal-a-Teas’ Café Community also facilitates:

  • • Novel promotions – pre-loyalty and ongoing!
  • • Fun online engagements with customers
  • • Competitions
  • • Loyalty cards (with a difference) – generating increased customer return rates
  • • Extensive promotions including on radio, public events, networking etc.
  • • Personalised treats for consumers
  • • Personalised gifts (prizes)
  • • B2B alignments
  • • Entertainment and events
  • • Unique branding – an opportunity not to be missed!

Why engage with Personal-a-Teas?

As of June 2015, there were 502 cafes, nationwide. In Rathmines alone, there are 17 coffee shops. By 2020, there will be in excess of 750 cafes across the country (2). It is a very competitive market. Cafés need to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. We bring that difference. That personal difference!

The Personal-a-Teas Program works!

Our client café, Two Pups Coffee has seen an increase in sales of ca. 30% over the summer. We have had over 43,000 visits to our website since May – now, that’s significant online exposure!


Testimonials - Personal-a-Teas

If you would like to discuss in greater detail how ‘Personal-a-Teas’ will increase footfall through the door of your café, you may contact us through the following channels:

Mobile: +353 863 794 173
Facebook: Je Suis Personality
Twitter: @PersonalATeas

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