Personal-a-Teas’ Most Wanted

Personal-a-Teas' Most Wanted

‘Afternoon’ y’all!

Bin wantin’ to let y’all know that there’s a new sherriff in town, goin’ by th’ name: ‘Personal-a-Teas’. He’s lookin’ for some able d’puties to help him on his quest: to find, capture and bring these Most Wanted ‘Teas’ers’ to our client cafes.

You see, some of these young fellas and galls, they need a little… ‘direction’!
When you, my d’puties, arrive with their bounty at Café Du Jour, Cork Street, or Two Pups Coffee, Francis Street, y’all will receive some mighty fine rewards, too!

So, saddle up there, pardners!

Let’s catch us some o’ those there ‘Tea’sers’ and pick up some o’ those damn tootin’ treats!

We’ll keep y’all informed ‘bout our search!

Our first Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted young fell’r is:

Gav Duffy Latte!

This here, Duffy fella, is laid-back. Some say, perhaps, too laid-back. He calmer than a cloud over them there deserts. This Duffy sure is outgoin’ yes, sireee. He funny, too. He’ll have you talkin’ for hours, and when you’re not lookin’ he be away, quick as a flash! He a right, Jumpin’ Jack Flash.
Let’s bring him to Two Pups Coffee, Francis Street or Café Du Jour, Cork Street!

Post you’re latest sightings, messages on that there, Facebook ‘n’ Twitter pages! (Dem’s details ‘r below).

‘So, giddy-up der ‘pardners, yeeeeha!’

Your Trusted Sherriff,

Facebook: JeSuisPersonality
Twitter: @PersonalATeas