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Billy the Kid - REAL Personalisation

We, at Je Suis Personality, are delighted to announce from next week, our latest realisation of fun personalisation will officially be published. We’re not going to tell you what will be happening just yet, safe to say we will need your full attention and participation! (After all, only with team-work (and community spirit!) can bring we about REAL personalised rewards!)

Here’s a little clue: who’s that in the image above?

Recently, we have been door-stepping local (Dublin) coffeehouses and generating leads. We have acquired a new client café to our Personal-a-Teas Café Community, and more are expected to follow, soon. Therefore, you can now show your Personal-a-Teas Selfies at Café Du Jour, Cork Street and Two Pups Coffee, Francis Street and receive your rewards, accordingly.

And remember, this is just the start of your Personal-a-Teas Journey!

You may create YOUR Personal-a-Teas selfies here:

So, what’s this all about?

Personalisation marketing (PM) (quite a mouthful, and not to be feared!) is at the sharp-end of promotions and marketing, nowadays. PM is also known as one-to-one marketing, even ‘Relationship Marketing’. It’s about communicating with the consumer on a one to one basis, building ‘a relationship’. The goal for personalisation is ‘Customer Success’. And customer success means a customer for life.

This, as you can imagine is not easy.

To make a ‘success’ of personalisation, it requires imagination to construct a formula which generates sufficient interest, engagement and referral. You see, ‘personalised promotions’ (as we know them today) are lifeless, bland and lacking emotion, really. Personal-a-Teas on the other hand is different.

We believe, through Personal-a-Teas we have created that ‘successful’ formula. It’s based in our core beliefs. We want to brighten up your day, Dear End-User. Our personality-selfies are designed to express your / loved one’s personality. Remember, they are not photo images! We focus on ‘WHO YOU Are’ and seek to reward ‘WHO YOU Are’, accordingly. Our treats can be picked up at our client cafes upon exhibiting your Personal-a-Teas Selfie to the barista! It’s fun! Watch the barista’s reaction!

Through Personal-a-Teas, we are also rewarding our client café owners by increasing footfall through their doors. Our client café owners are our very own brave, early-adaptors who see the magic within our fun, personalisation concept. Our endeavour is to give both our end-users and client café owners a ‘fun-rewarding-wow’ experience, alike.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Imagination and creativity are our tools for changing what was once a bleak reality for our collective team. (Many of us met whilst at The Ignite Academy, a government innovation scheme designed to mentor and nourish excellent business ideas, but also to take participants off the live ‘Jobseekers’ register).

Are we pioneers? Are we leading the charge for meaningful, fun personalisation?

You decide.

According to Forrester, their Report on Personalisation from Q2, 2016 states that ‘personalisation (as a marketing tool) is no longer a nice to have, but a must have.’ Xanthos Digital Marketing have also composed a list of the benefits from employing a personalisation program, recently. With respect to Personal-a-Teas, our whole ethos is to use the personalisation configuration to bring a little magic to your every-day.

After-all, life is about emotion. Life is about personality!

We want to reward personality.

Ask yourself, am I ready for REAL personalisation? Fun personalisation?

Remember #Finding Rory from last year?

REAL Personalisation | Rory Cowan

Well, we’re going to go a little deeper in 2017!

Could you be ‘Most Wanted’?

Could you be ‘Personal-a-Teas Most Wanted’?

Watch this space!

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Tell us your experiences, what works for you, with respect to Personal-a-Teas and what doesn’t. Our feedback address is: [email protected]