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The Irish Mammy and The Irish Mummies

Just, what is it ‘bout the letter ‘u’? What a difference a vowel makes! I bet you, like me, have scoffed and scalded (subconsciously, of course!) our Ancestral Brethren from across The Pond about what a mess they have made by removing the letter ‘u’ from such words as: ‘humour’ (humor); ‘colour’ (color) and ‘behaviour’ […]

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When Personal-a-Teas met The Viking Splash Tour

The ‘community spirit’ which the Personal-a-Teas Café Community continuously and consistently promotes was in evidence on a hot August bank holiday Monday morning, in Dublin City. A combination of kindred spirits came together for an excursion on the Viking Splash Tour followed by some fun festivities in Boston Donuts on Trinity Street. The ‘fun and […]

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The Day Is My Enemy

The Personal-a-Teas Café Community is all about, well, ‘personality’. Our focus is upon the personality of our client cafés and of course, the personalities of the customers who frequent our member cafés. Once we know the personality of the café and its respective customers, we compose engaging content and tailor creative promotions with the objective […]

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Take a Second to Look Around You!

McCabe’s Deli sits at the corner of Townsend Street and Tara Street. Have you seen it? Unlikely. ‘Location, location, location’! The location of the Café on this particular-corner is a bit of a paradox. You see, the location is perfectly positioned in the path of copious footfall. The problem is, the footfall is generally moving […]

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Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 2

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. It may be 3 weeks now, since undertaking the tour of Dublin’s horrid history with Pipe-smoke (Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, Walking Tour of Viking and Medieval Dublin), and yet the memories from the second half of that tour remain as vivid and sharp, as if […]

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Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 1

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. A tour of Dublin with Ralph Smyth And so we met at Two Pups Coffee, the pokey, cosy café on Lower Francis Street. Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, entered the doorway clad in black with a navy scarf and dark gloves. The weather had turned, temperature […]

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Chance Your Arm (on this ‘Reverential’ Tour)!

Here lies the body of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Divinity and Dean of this Cathedral, Where savage indignation can no longer lacerate his heart; Go traveller and imitate if you can, this dedicated and earnest champion of liberty ~ Jonathan Swift   St. Patrick’s Cathedral sits right in the heart of Dublin’s South Inner City. […]

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