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An Interview with an Earl

‘I’m on my way to Howick and these steeds better crack on! My interview with Earl Charles Grey 2nd is due to start in rather sooner than I hoped! Earl Grey is a remarkable man, so much so, my employers from the Tea-time Chronicles have sent me to find out how he got to have […]

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Designated: Personal-a-Teas

So, Dear Reader, how do you satisfy your entertainment urges having completed the excellent Narcos -Season 2? The options to the viewer seem endless nowadays, and yet so few. Decisions, decisions… A good place to start my friend, is originality. ‘Have you seen it before? Do you want something new, creative, different? A new take […]

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Join the Personal-a-Teas Café Community!

The Personal-a-Teas program is a fun, innovative and dedicated marketing program for cafés. The remit: to build a loyal clientele for the client café and to ensure increased footfall through the door of the café. For an already thriving café, we ensure your clientele avail of fun promotions and treats, facilitating unique and dedicated branding […]

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