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Stranger Things: The Nostalgic Onslaught Continues

Nostalgia, noun 1. A yearning for the return of past circumstances, events, etc. 2. The evocation of this emotion in a movie, book, creative medium 3. Longing for home or family, homesickness Ref: Collins English Dictionary   So, what is it about nostalgia? Why does it seem that we do indeed, yearn for past circumstances? […]

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Living with Entrepreneurship

Last night this Promoter slept on the couch. It wasn’t because of the latent heat and humidity, the remnants of the hottest day of the year. It wasn’t because of ‘the wife’, the continuous battle for nightly supremacy and the mastery / ownership of the duvet. It was because of the stresses which can arise […]

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The Aoife Leigh Interview

Aoife Leigh is an ‘up and coming’ singer, songwriter with considerable talent, from Dublin. She comes from a family with creativity firmly within their DNA. For instance, her Dad, Jon, is responsible for the Nostalgia Collection of illustrations on Personal-a-Teas. For years now, she has travelled the rocky road of composing her own work and […]

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Ghostbusters: The Personal-a-Teas Analysis

Ghostbusters (2016) went on general release last Monday (11.07.16) through cinemas across the country. It is not a remake of the 1986 original, more like a loosely held ‘baton-carrying’ exercise. Firstly, one must give a nod of positivity to director Paul Feig for making the new ghost-fighting team all-female. A brave decision. Did it work? […]

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Here Comes the Lattes!

Who’s that coming through the door, His smile bright, a gust of light, Happiness and calm Today is ours, tomorrow – his It’s Mr. Latte Desire, Ambition, the Flames of Tizz Shortly after, here comes another A sister perhaps, significant other? Bushy-tailed, a hint of mischievous Bellows of laughter, certainly nothing grievous Little Miss Latte, […]

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Inspiration Comes from the Unlikeliest Places

Inspiration comes from the unlikeliest places. Last weekend, there was the local majorette competition and two of my daughters, Sophie and Jessica were part of the competing: Team Liberties. One aged 9 the other aged 6, respectively. We, the Promoter’s Family, were also due to travel up to Dundalk for the mother of all parties, […]

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Chance Your Arm (on this ‘Reverential’ Tour)!

Here lies the body of Jonathan Swift, Doctor of Divinity and Dean of this Cathedral, Where savage indignation can no longer lacerate his heart; Go traveller and imitate if you can, this dedicated and earnest champion of liberty ~ Jonathan Swift   St. Patrick’s Cathedral sits right in the heart of Dublin’s South Inner City. […]

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Just Like Dublin Bus… Three come along at once

The focus of this (mini-) part of the recent trilogy of articles about Two Pups Coffee on Francis Street seeks to provide budding entrepreneurs, who wish to get a foot-hold in the ever expanding coffeehouse market, some valuable advice from two proprietors, operating at the cold-face of a business start-up. For this, the Promoter interviewed […]

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Just like Dublin Bus…

…three come along at once! He’s not referring to Irish weekend days with mood-altering precipitation (the feline and canine combined type!), Star Wars movies or bad news items. The Promoter is in fact referring to the number of customers who just came through the communal door at the hive of activity that is the Francis […]

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