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The Personal-a-Teas Magic

What a year at Personal-a-Teas! ‘So, Kate, how do you like your tea / coffee?’ Nothing wrong with the question, except Kate, being our family friend visits our humble abode at least twice a month, perhaps more. How embarrassing being exposed as a hosting goldfish again and again. This pain-point, was the seed from which […]

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Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 2

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. It may be 3 weeks now, since undertaking the tour of Dublin’s horrid history with Pipe-smoke (Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, Walking Tour of Viking and Medieval Dublin), and yet the memories from the second half of that tour remain as vivid and sharp, as if […]

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Create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie

Does YOUR personality match YOUR PERSONAL-A-TEAS? • Simply create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie using our web-app • Add your name / nickname to the caricature • Choose the traits of the ‘Drink of the Moment’ which best reflect your personality. (We’ll even give you a list to choose from, based on our research.) • If your […]

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Dublin’s Horrid History – Part 1

Dublin’s Horrid History – A Journey with Pipe-smoke. A tour of Dublin with Ralph Smyth And so we met at Two Pups Coffee, the pokey, cosy café on Lower Francis Street. Ralph Smyth, of Ralph Smyth Tours, entered the doorway clad in black with a navy scarf and dark gloves. The weather had turned, temperature […]

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Kangoo jumps class – Kangaroodoo People

My first Kangoo jumps class (One giant leap for Personal-a-Teas) The Time: 00:01 GMT The Date: 01.01.95 Location: The Point Depot, Dublin The Gig: The Prodigy It was the New Year’s Party at the Point. The balloons came down from above, amongst the face-masks, glow-sticks and whistles. The smell of Vics emanating through the air. […]

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