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Je Suis



The Feel-Good Gifts of the Summer!

Earlier this month, I was asked by the eminent Tweeting Goddess, Ms. Samantha Kelly, whether I would like to exhibit some Personal-a-Teas Gifts at the Women’s Inspire Conference, held at the Cork International Hotel. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Among the speakers on the day were (in no particular order): Bibi Baskin […]

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Take a Second to Look Around You!

McCabe’s Deli sits at the corner of Townsend Street and Tara Street. Have you seen it? Unlikely. ‘Location, location, location’! The location of the Café on this particular-corner is a bit of a paradox. You see, the location is perfectly positioned in the path of copious footfall. The problem is, the footfall is generally moving […]

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