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Earl Grey

The Personal-a-Teas of Leon

Kings of Leon get the Personal-a-Teas treatment The true test of the longevity of a rock band is not based in materialism, chart-topping commercial hits nor inundating the radio-waves with mainstream blandness. For these reasons, many a ‘pop’ band will cease to exist, once past their ‘use by date’. Don’t forget, the customary opportunity for […]

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The Magic of Hongoram!

It was this time last year, only much darker and certainly colder. The Promoter was deep within ‘The Forest of Innovation’, where wood and trees look too alike to decipher, developing the pioneering and fun Personal-a-Teas concept. There was so much to learn! Countless ‘balls were being juggled through the air’. He had gathered a […]

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An Interview with an Earl

‘I’m on my way to Howick and these steeds better crack on! My interview with Earl Charles Grey 2nd is due to start in rather sooner than I hoped! Earl Grey is a remarkable man, so much so, my employers from the Tea-time Chronicles have sent me to find out how he got to have […]

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