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The Day Is My Enemy

The Personal-a-Teas Café Community is all about, well, ‘personality’. Our focus is upon the personality of our client cafés and of course, the personalities of the customers who frequent our member cafés. Once we know the personality of the café and its respective customers, we compose engaging content and tailor creative promotions with the objective […]

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Create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie

Does YOUR personality match YOUR PERSONAL-A-TEAS? • Simply create your Personal-a-Tea Selfie using our web-app • Add your name / nickname to the caricature • Choose the traits of the ‘Drink of the Moment’ which best reflect your personality. (We’ll even give you a list to choose from, based on our research.) • If your […]

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An Interview with an Earl

‘I’m on my way to Howick and these steeds better crack on! My interview with Earl Charles Grey 2nd is due to start in rather sooner than I hoped! Earl Grey is a remarkable man, so much so, my employers from the Tea-time Chronicles have sent me to find out how he got to have […]

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Adele Headlining Glastonbury, 2016. Discuss.

This request for discussion was issued by a close friend on Facebook, just as the Ireland vs France soccer match kicked off. You see, Joe, was never one for timing! In fairness, it was perfect timing. Yes, the match had started, we were 1-0 up, all was great in the world! The request also provided […]

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Got Noticed? Let your ‘personality’ be your beacon

Where does creativity come from? This Promoter is unsure. Somewhere in the recesses of the mind, the imagination. It can be dormant, but it’s there – ready, piqued, spontaneous. Awaiting a spark, a sound, a sense, a memory, a connection. A release. What’s the worth of creativity? Creativity is evolution, progress, mutation, revolution, change. This […]

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