Je Suis



Two Pups Coffee

Just like Dublin Bus…

…three come along at once! He’s not referring to Irish weekend days with mood-altering precipitation (the feline and canine combined type!), Star Wars movies or bad news items. The Promoter is in fact referring to the number of customers who just came through the communal door at the hive of activity that is the Francis […]

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Hard Work: Getting Noticed

This is the second article in a trilogy of observations, that are testament to the fact that entrepreneurial spirit, hard-work and excellent quality is a winning combination towards success. Please click the link below to read the latest article published about the Francis Street Collective and especially, Two Pups Coffee. This work was composed by […]

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The Deadly Darlin’ Walking Tour

Cappuccino/a drinkers will know all about this. They are inherently inquisitive, risk-takers, creative and explorative sorts. They tend to investigate all around them, and beyond. Sometimes, they will investigate what’s underneath their feet. The following account is the journey through time that is the Deadly Darlin’ Walking Tour, as provided by Mr. Phil Doyle from […]

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